We Have Cash to Buy

Constantly seeking the following:

Precious Metals

Paying up to 97.5% of spot price for scrap, dental, or vintage, Gold Silver and Platinum.
Avoid the “mail in” trap with all the hidden fees
Those commercials are not free, they are paid for by you!

Purity and quantity requirements do apply to receive highest rate

Quality Swiss Timepieces

Special emphasis on high end automatics.
Please note, if it can be bought on a “shopping” show, we cannot purchase it.

American made musical equipment

Guitars, early amplifiers, brass, mandolins, banjos and more.
Give us a call or email some pics.


Yep, we like some of them too!
Vintage hot rods, convertibles, some oddities also!
Clear title required.


American preferred.
We like them to run, have titles, but there have been exceptions……

ATV’s, UTV’s, Personal Watercraft, Luxury Boats

Condition is everything! We will turn your alligator into dollars.

Consumer electronics

Latest and greatest only!

Realistically, if its broke or more than a couple years old, we cannot purchase it.
Please understand the fact that we must resell these items below the cost of current new prices.


On a case by case basis.
Old, is not necessarily scarce, antique or desirable but we do our best always.
Particular interest in smalls (things that can be easily shipped to our non domestic trade partners), they often have surprising values!


Many forms.
Quality bronzes, authentic pre-1800 oil paintings, odd, obscure,and identifiable.
Vintage movie and music posters are a favorite of ours.

Coins & Currency

Especially pre-1900 American large bills.
Yes, we love Gold, Silver, & Platinum too.

Firearms pre 1898 American or ?

What do you have?

Email inquiries , pix, or stop in with your items.
18 years old minimum with valid ID required.
Please, do not be afraid of, or feed our Bassett hound mascot, Flash!

10-6 during week, 9-3 Saturday, appointments available.

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